Local Short Term Rental and Vacation Rental Regulations

Summary Information on Short Term Vacation Rental Rules, Regulations and Laws

In these summaries we use STR to indicate a short term rentals or vacation rental.  This typically refers to any property rented for less than 30 days in the state of Oregon.

The guidelines we are summarizing do not in general apply to owner occupied properties.  

Most municipalities which require STR permits will not grant these to properties with unpermitted additions or structures or properties that do not conform to approved uses.  This can be as simple as a non-conforming or unpermitted fence or carport.

Regardless of whether a permit is required most municipalities collect a transient lodging tax.

Please note that we make every effort to keep on top of these regulations but they are altered frequently. We will gladly provide you with the details required for applying for permits in each of these municipalities. In most cases a public notice and comment period is required. These summaries are just highlights to help you identify the major requirements for obtaining a permit.

Greater Yamhill County, Oregon

If a property is located outside of the city limits of one of the towns or cities in Yamhill County the approval to operate an STR is governed by Yamhill County.  Yamhill County refers to STRs as "Bed and Breakfasts."  Approval requires applying for a conditional use permit which will need to be granted by the county commissioners after a hearing.  One of the county's requirements is that the property have a live-in manager or that the owner lives on or adjacent to the property.  The county's language around referring to STRs as Bed and Breakfasts has resulted in some confusion for homeowners who believed that since they weren't operating what is typically thought of as a Bed and Breakfast that the regulations were not applicable.  However the county has recently begun enforcing these regulations on all properties operated as STRs.  We recommend a consultation with a land use attorney should you decide to pursue owning an STR outside of city limits in Yamhill County. 

McMinnville, Oregon

In the city of McMinnville the zoning of a property determines whether or not a permit will be required for the operation of an STR. Commercial residential zoning in the City of McMinnville often referred to as C3 zoning allows for the operation of STRs mostly without restriction.  Homes that are located in zones for regular residential purposes will need to go through a permitting process in order to operate as an STR.  In the case of a home in a regular residential zone, two major factors that can be used in upfront in considering a property's potential to be approved for an STR permit are parking and proximity to other short term vacation rentals. Homes located in regular residential zones must provide an off-street parking place for each bedroom and sleeping area. Homes in a regular residentially zoned location also must not be located within 200 feet of another STR.  For a current map of approved STRs in the city of McMinnville or for analysis of a specific property please use the contact form or email us at hello@stayporchlight.com

Amity, Oregon

The city of Amity on requires a business license to operate an STR.

Carlton, Oregon

The city of Carlton requires a permit for all STRs which are allowed in most zones.  An off-street parking space must be provided for each bedroom with a minimum of two off-street parking places required to obtain an STR permit.

Dayton, Oregon

The city of Dayton has very restrictive and specific guidelines on where an STR can be located. The locations are specific and extremely limited.

Dundee, Oregon

The city of Dundee requires all STRs be permitted regardless of zoning.  They do not grant STR permits for accessory dwelling units, in multifamily or light industrial zones.  An STR cannot be located next to another STR.  At least wo parking places must be provided and max sleeping numbers are restricted to two people per bedroom plus a maximum of two additional people. No more than 5% of properties in Dundee will be granted STR permits.

Newberg, Oregon

The city of Newberg requires all single family STRs apply for and obtain a conditional use permit.  The property must have a minimum of two off-street parking spaces.  Certain residential and commercial zones may require a special use permit.  The city of Newberg is stringent on conditional approval being tied to conforming structures - unpermitted additions and similar improvements will likely result in STR approval denial.

Government Camp, Oregon

Government Camp Village is an unincorporated area within Clackamas County, Oregon.  STR permitting falls within the jurisdiction of Clackamas County.  Clackamas County is currently planning to implement a permitting process in July, 2022. Upon review of the proposed requirements there will be off-street parking space minimums and maximum occupancy limits.